Grabbed a quick bite at Tel’s, place was empty. Actually was an interesting day today. I got to my office and read my emails like the past few days. Then I decided I was going to walk around and see if I can find out anything. Checked in Greg’s office, but he wasn’t there. Matter of fact I haven’t seen him since the changes. I hope he is okay.

Walked down the hall and saw a lot of empty offices. They were all setup like mine. I walked into one and the lights and computer came on. The computer didn’t log me in automatically, so they must be monitoring where everyone goes. I found this big cavernous room, but could not go in. I guess I don’t have access to it. The lights were off, so I couldn’t see much inside.

Kept walking around and found a break room with some vending machines and coffee. This is nice and handy, at least I can look forward to a snack. Seems to be well stocked. Just as I was about to leave, Cpt. Lister appeared with two other soldiers. They were both Lieutenants, one silver bar. The four of us chatted a bit about the weather and sports, then the Lieutenants left.

Cpt. Lister then advised me to be careful where I walked and don’t go into anyone’s office uninvited. He had a different disposition from last night. More official and serious. He informed me that he is the military liaison for the energy project that I will be working on. He said there will be a briefing in two days on the project. Then he left.

Found my way back to my office and checked my email, read some papers, stared at the ceiling, and then went home.

Got a message as I was typing from Cpt. Lister. He warned me to be careful where I go and what I do at the firm. I am being watched constantly. Just got another message notice. No sender, but an interesting research paper on energy creation from beta particles.

I asked the tablet who sent the paper, and got the response, “That information is not available to you at this time.” Well, another mystery. I asked the tablet if there were any new functions on the tablet. It responded, “An energy simulator is now available to you. This simulator can be used to research the collection, focusing, and conversion of beta radiation into different forms of energy.”

This is something new. A research paper and simulator specifically focused on beta radiation to energy conversion. Can’t wait to see what’s next. Tablet off.