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Woke up with a massive headache. Thinking on the past days, what am I getting into? I committed yesterday to being part of whatever and to a person whom I met in passing. He says it is worth it, but I can’t get out of my mind that things are going to get really bad.

I am sure that Cpt. Lister will have already been informed of my decision, so we will have to see how he and I interface today.

I still think about the research information I was given by Wolf. Maybe that is what gave me the headache. Some of those equations are way beyond the current theoretical, but from what I can tell, will work. Just need to figure out how to make it a reality if that is what Wolf wants me to do. The efficiency numbers alone of the space based energy conversion platforms are approaching 98% which is unheard of. Then you have the distances from the platforms to the Tolan based ground stations. The beam forming and alignment followed by the aiming and aperture of the receiving stations are to very tight tolerances. I haven’t even looked at the atmospheric issues and how those may have been resolved. I guess I will be doing a lot of late night reading and head scratching.

Just got a message from Wolf. Says that I will be given a tour of an underground facility today, Cpt. Lister will be there too. This is related to the research information I received.

Uh-oh, didn’t watch the time. Gotta run to work. Wolf, will we meet soon?


Things are moving too fast and no answers to the many questions I have. Information just shows up on the tablet about subjects that are not even theorized. A simulator for something that doesn’t even exist. No answers to seemingly simple questions. The changes at the firm. Cpt. Lister watching over me. I’m being watched by who or what. What else could possibly happen that will mess my world up?

I don’t know what to do with the research paper. The information, details, and equations are beyond what is currently known or in research. I can’t show or talk about this to anyone. There would be too many questions and I have no answers. I can see it in my head, being dragged off by security and questioned, maybe tortured. And for what, a tablet and Cpt. Lister?

What is really interesting is that there is something big happening and I am in the middle and I know it is where I need to be. I have a major part to play, it just hasn’t been revealed.

Well for what it is worth, Wolf I am in, just let it be worth the cost.


Grabbed a quick bite at Tel’s, place was empty. Actually was an interesting day today. I got to my office and read my emails like the past few days. Then I decided I was going to walk around and see if I can find out anything. Checked in Greg’s office, but he wasn’t there. Matter of fact I haven’t seen him since the changes. I hope he is okay.

Walked down the hall and saw a lot of empty offices. They were all setup like mine. I walked into one and the lights and computer came on. The computer didn’t log me in automatically, so they must be monitoring where everyone goes. I found this big cavernous room, but could not go in. I guess I don’t have access to it. The lights were off, so I couldn’t see much inside.

Kept walking around and found a break room with some vending machines and coffee. This is nice and handy, at least I can look forward to a snack. Seems to be well stocked. Just as I was about to leave, Cpt. Lister appeared with two other soldiers. They were both Lieutenants, one silver bar. The four of us chatted a bit about the weather and sports, then the Lieutenants left.

Cpt. Lister then advised me to be careful where I walked and don’t go into anyone’s office uninvited. He had a different disposition from last night. More official and serious. He informed me that he is the military liaison for the energy project that I will be working on. He said there will be a briefing in two days on the project. Then he left.

Found my way back to my office and checked my email, read some papers, stared at the ceiling, and then went home.

Got a message as I was typing from Cpt. Lister. He warned me to be careful where I go and what I do at the firm. I am being watched constantly. Just got another message notice. No sender, but an interesting research paper on energy creation from beta particles.

I asked the tablet who sent the paper, and got the response, “That information is not available to you at this time.” Well, another mystery. I asked the tablet if there were any new functions on the tablet. It responded, “An energy simulator is now available to you. This simulator can be used to research the collection, focusing, and conversion of beta radiation into different forms of energy.”

This is something new. A research paper and simulator specifically focused on beta radiation to energy conversion. Can’t wait to see what’s next. Tablet off.


No messages on the tablet this morning. I think I am going to try and find some answers. What can happen to me? I am supposed to be visited by Cpt. Lister today, wonder how that will take place.

Off to work.


What is going on? Am I constantly being whatched, even as I type? Got to Tel’s and some soldiers were there again. sat in my usual place and ordered a beer. One of the soldiers came over and asked me about the tablet. I told him that it was new. He asked, “like the one previewed tonight on Channel 752.” He said he was a technology expert and worked for the military. He wore the lightening bolt patch. I showed him the tablet and he placed his hand on it and looked into the camera.

Guess what appeared? A visual greeting to Captain Lister and an introduction to me. The display lasted 15 seconds and then went off. I was in disbelief. Things are happening fast around me. Its as if my thoughts are exposed. When he left he said he would see me tomorrow.

Time for sleep if I can.


I was apprehensive today. Didn’t know what to expect. The trip to work on the Maglev was normal, that is with the soldiers on it. Got to my office and read emails, tried to do some more research on energy conduits, but was having trouble with network access. Probably being monitored. Did more staring at the ceiling. Hope this isn’t the norm.

Got home and didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t look to hard for cameras and mics. I don’t think I’m supposed to know. Someone was here though because a couple of things were out of place and there was some dust on the table. Tablet seemed to be where I left it.

Message icon is on, wonder what it is this time.

Message said to turn on Channel 752 and also go to Tel’s to meet someone.

Wow, this is getting even stranger. There was a special on a new tablet that looked and operated similar to the one I have. Stated that it will hit the market in 5 months and reveloutionize the way people work and communicate. Also, said that units are currently being field tested by specially selected and approved testers. I guess that’s one way to create a cover story. Somebody must have a lot of money to pull this off.

I guess its time to go to Tel’s.

Another message came in, said to take the tablet.


Had a fitful night, a lot of tossing and turning. Things and events kept going through my mind. Lots of questions. What makes it worse, no one to talk to. According to the message yesterday on this tablet surveillance equipment will be installed while I am gone. Why? What am I the key of? This is illegal and who can I go to? Might as well leave for work.

Message icon shows a message.

Interesting message. I am beginning to get scared. It seems that whoever sent this tablet is also monitoring me. Message said that I will meet a Captain Lister. He goes by Sid. He can be trusted fully and will be my liaison. Liaison for what. That was it. I guess I will go to work.


The tablet came on when I placed my right hand on it and looked into the camera. I asked for messages or mail, but there were none. Brought up my journal to record the events of the day.

Work was uneventful. Soldiers on the Maglev like yesterday. Soldiers at the firm entry points. Elevator automatically took me to level B5 after stopping at B2 to let two people off. Walked to my office and the lights came on and the computer logged me on.

Checked my emails and read some research documents. Updated a document on energy transfer conduits I am writing. Stared at the ceiling a lot. With all the changes, I guess there is going to be a lull in work for a few days. Just as I was getting ready to leave, got a message from Tera to meet her at Tel’s for dinner and pool. I guess she wants to an easy game.

Dinner was uneventful, casual conversation. Almost beat her in pool, so I know something is on her mind. Left after another beer to go home.

I decided to find out what the tablet could do. Asked it “what functions are available.” I got a reply, “Currently, journal and messaging are available. More functions will be available in time.” That is interesting.

I decided to ask it a question. “Who sent this tablet computer?” The tablet responded, “At this time that information is not available to you.” just as it finished speaking, a message indicator in the corner showed a new message. I told it to read the message and fear suddenly gripped me. “Tomorrow there will be surveillance cameras and microphones placed in your apartment. The security forces are doing this to monitor key people. You will only have privacy in the bedroom. Also, they will image everything in your apartment, including this tablet, do not be concerned. You will be notified of any updates.” Tablet off.


Up a little earlier today, couldn’t sleep. Kept waking up thinking about what’s happening, the changes, extra security, soldiers.

The tablet was on again this morning when I came out. No holo, but a message to me on the screen. Now I know that I am being watched, but by whom? Message read “You are being watched. It is unsafe to use your computer and global network. All your journal entries have been removed and cleaned up. Use this tablet from now on. You can use the tablet to communicate with us as you desire. Answers to your questions will be provided in time. To activate the tablet, place your right hand on the screen and look into the camera”

After a few minutes, it shut off. I placed my hand on the screen and looked into the camera and the display came back on and said “Greetings Lynx, speak or type a command.” Who was Lynx?

I didn’t see an entry pad so I spoke “journal” and up it came, up to date. A virtual entry pad was displayed on the table. In the right bottom corner was an icon that looked like a mail receptacle. I said mail and was greeted by a spoken response “Lynx has no mail or messages at this time, would like to send one?” So it appears I am Lynx.

Out of time now, will look at this later. “Tablet off.”