Woke up with a massive headache. Thinking on the past days, what am I getting into? I committed yesterday to being part of whatever and to a person whom I met in passing. He says it is worth it, but I can’t get out of my mind that things are going to get really bad.

I am sure that Cpt. Lister will have already been informed of my decision, so we will have to see how he and I interface today.

I still think about the research information I was given by Wolf. Maybe that is what gave me the headache. Some of those equations are way beyond the current theoretical, but from what I can tell, will work. Just need to figure out how to make it a reality if that is what Wolf wants me to do. The efficiency numbers alone of the space based energy conversion platforms are approaching 98% which is unheard of. Then you have the distances from the platforms to the Tolan based ground stations. The beam forming and alignment followed by the aiming and aperture of the receiving stations are to very tight tolerances. I haven’t even looked at the atmospheric issues and how those may have been resolved. I guess I will be doing a lot of late night reading and head scratching.

Just got a message from Wolf. Says that I will be given a tour of an underground facility today, Cpt. Lister will be there too. This is related to the research information I received.

Uh-oh, didn’t watch the time. Gotta run to work. Wolf, will we meet soon?