Things are moving too fast and no answers to the many questions I have. Information just shows up on the tablet about subjects that are not even theorized. A simulator for something that doesn’t even exist. No answers to seemingly simple questions. The changes at the firm. Cpt. Lister watching over me. I’m being watched by who or what. What else could possibly happen that will mess my world up?

I don’t know what to do with the research paper. The information, details, and equations are beyond what is currently known or in research. I can’t show or talk about this to anyone. There would be too many questions and I have no answers. I can see it in my head, being dragged off by security and questioned, maybe tortured. And for what, a tablet and Cpt. Lister?

What is really interesting is that there is something big happening and I am in the middle and I know it is where I need to be. I have a major part to play, it just hasn’t been revealed.

Well for what it is worth, Wolf I am in, just let it be worth the cost.