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There were soldiers with the lightening bolt and crossed swords on the Maglev today. From what I could tell there were at least two in every car. Had these scanners and took images of everyone getting on and off. For some reason they took a long time with me.

There were even more soldiers at work. I think they doubled. Also, there were new barricades and entry gates. Again, the facial scans.

Turned in my forms and spent another two hours being interrogated. Must have satisfied them because they gave me a new badge and assigned me to another office. The badges must be coded because I got in the elevator and it took me right to my floor, B5. I have never been below ground before. Followed the signs to the hall with my office and found it, my name was posted outside. It seems I was already going to be here. Noticed that Greg was in the next office over. Maybe we can go out and compare notes.

The offices must have been specially built. When I walked in the lights came on and the computer automatically logged on. Don’t know if it is because of the badge, facial recognition, both, or something else. I bet they even track me now.

Left around 0850 and went to Tel’s for dinner. More soldiers on the trains with their scanners. The beer was good as always, but the crowd was light. When I got home the tablet was off, just like when I first got it. What is going on with the world? Who can I trust? Who can I talk too? Enough for the night.


Got a surprise when I came in to the living area this morning, the tablet was on and an image was being displayed above it. Seems like it is some sort of holographic display. This is way beyond the technology I know about. We have holo displays but not this size, resolution, or in air. The image displayed said “Do not take to security. More later. Keep safe. Trust no one.”

This is a little frightening now. How did it know I was going to take it in to security? I mumbled the words last night, did it hear me? Is it a listening device, too? I’m not too comfortable right now. The changes at work, coworkers disappearing, this tablet, the message, what’s next?

Got to get to work. Maybe some answers will be given.


What a day. There were more guards today and they were everywhere. Watching everyone and everything, but in most cases were technically clueless. There were some high ranking officials and officers running about, have meetings and interviews. Two of my colleagues were escorted out, don’t know what happened to them.

I was interrogated for two hours and then given some forms to fill out. I’m to report back tomorrow. I heard that some more projects were classified and the rest, shutdown. This is now a military complex. What do they want with these energy projects?

Knock at the door this late. I just don’t feel like talking. Too many things going through my mind. No one there, just a package. Addressed to me, but no sender info.

Package contained a tablet computer. Can’t figure out how to turn it on. No design I have seen. It is roughly 15 cm X 20 cm X 0.2 cm, what appears to be a glass surface, in a titanium (I think) case. The display area goes all the way to the edge it looks like. It is extremely light making me think that it is not glass but a polymer of some kind.

I guess I will take it into security tomorrow. What else is going to happen?


I don’t know what’s going on. Went to get my book and stopped to get a bite to eat at Tel’s. Saw some guys in uniform there. Didn’t think much of it since sometimes they come in for a drink while on leave. We chat, play pool, you know friendly stuff.

So I get to work, and the normal guards are replaced by soldiers. I show them my badge and tell them I am here to pick up my book, but they won’t let me in. Said I’m not on the list and I should show up for work on time tomorrow for further instructions. What’s going on?

Also, noticed that they had a patch on their left sleeve that I never saw before. Not that I am a military expert, but this one was something odd. Had a lightning bolt in the middle going vertical and a pair of crossed swords crossing in the midpoint of the bolt. Also, these soldiers did not seem friendly in the least.

Somehow, I think this is related to the Wolf. There was something about the chance meeting the other day.


Going to work to get a book I left. Wouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t a collector’s edition. A first edition of “War Between The Moons.”


Met some friends today at Tel’s, a neighborhood pub. They have some good, no great, cold brewed, aged beers. We work together, or at least at the same engineering firm, “Advanced Energy Research (AER).” Conversation was difficult and filled with uncertainty, everyone was guarded. It seems other projects were suddenly classified, also. We threw some ideas around about what is going on, but it seems we are all in the dark.

I finally beat Tera in pool. Now I know things are turning upside down.


Something strange happened today. The energy project I am working on suddenly was labeled a special security project and classified at the highest level. I have worked super hush-hush, but this is way beyond that.

The energy project was supposed to provide solar energy from space based collectors to ground distribution stations. Why is it now deemed a security concern? Cheap, available energy is classified?

Good thing there is a weekend to unwind and temporarily forget. Wonder if I will have a job?


After the initial impact of the strange travelers, another ho-hum day. Time to eat and relax. Still have a feeling that things are different and change has come and not in a good way. I mean it is good, but what will come in the days ahead are not.


A stranger has arrived today in Central City. He came with a companion, an elderly woman. There is something about her. Old but not feeble. Wise and understanding. Seeing deep into the very fabric of existence.

The man has a strange aura himself. He seems old in his knowledge, wise as if from the beginning of time, captivating but safe, full of power that is beyond the physical, piercing eyes that see all. He is dangerous. They call him Wolf.