There were soldiers with the lightening bolt and crossed swords on the Maglev today. From what I could tell there were at least two in every car. Had these scanners and took images of everyone getting on and off. For some reason they took a long time with me.

There were even more soldiers at work. I think they doubled. Also, there were new barricades and entry gates. Again, the facial scans.

Turned in my forms and spent another two hours being interrogated. Must have satisfied them because they gave me a new badge and assigned me to another office. The badges must be coded because I got in the elevator and it took me right to my floor, B5. I have never been below ground before. Followed the signs to the hall with my office and found it, my name was posted outside. It seems I was already going to be here. Noticed that Greg was in the next office over. Maybe we can go out and compare notes.

The offices must have been specially built. When I walked in the lights came on and the computer automatically logged on. Don’t know if it is because of the badge, facial recognition, both, or something else. I bet they even track me now.

Left around 0850 and went to Tel’s for dinner. More soldiers on the trains with their scanners. The beer was good as always, but the crowd was light. When I got home the tablet was off, just like when I first got it. What is going on with the world? Who can I trust? Who can I talk too? Enough for the night.