The tablet came on when I placed my right hand on it and looked into the camera. I asked for messages or mail, but there were none. Brought up my journal to record the events of the day.

Work was uneventful. Soldiers on the Maglev like yesterday. Soldiers at the firm entry points. Elevator automatically took me to level B5 after stopping at B2 to let two people off. Walked to my office and the lights came on and the computer logged me on.

Checked my emails and read some research documents. Updated a document on energy transfer conduits I am writing. Stared at the ceiling a lot. With all the changes, I guess there is going to be a lull in work for a few days. Just as I was getting ready to leave, got a message from Tera to meet her at Tel’s for dinner and pool. I guess she wants to an easy game.

Dinner was uneventful, casual conversation. Almost beat her in pool, so I know something is on her mind. Left after another beer to go home.

I decided to find out what the tablet could do. Asked it “what functions are available.” I got a reply, “Currently, journal and messaging are available. More functions will be available in time.” That is interesting.

I decided to ask it a question. “Who sent this tablet computer?” The tablet responded, “At this time that information is not available to you.” just as it finished speaking, a message indicator in the corner showed a new message. I told it to read the message and fear suddenly gripped me. “Tomorrow there will be surveillance cameras and microphones placed in your apartment. The security forces are doing this to monitor key people. You will only have privacy in the bedroom. Also, they will image everything in your apartment, including this tablet, do not be concerned. You will be notified of any updates.” Tablet off.