Up a little earlier today, couldn’t sleep. Kept waking up thinking about what’s happening, the changes, extra security, soldiers.

The tablet was on again this morning when I came out. No holo, but a message to me on the screen. Now I know that I am being watched, but by whom? Message read “You are being watched. It is unsafe to use your computer and global network. All your journal entries have been removed and cleaned up. Use this tablet from now on. You can use the tablet to communicate with us as you desire. Answers to your questions will be provided in time. To activate the tablet, place your right hand on the screen and look into the camera”

After a few minutes, it shut off. I placed my hand on the screen and looked into the camera and the display came back on and said “Greetings Lynx, speak or type a command.” Who was Lynx?

I didn’t see an entry pad so I spoke “journal” and up it came, up to date. A virtual entry pad was displayed on the table. In the right bottom corner was an icon that looked like a mail receptacle. I said mail and was greeted by a spoken response “Lynx has no mail or messages at this time, would like to send one?” So it appears I am Lynx.

Out of time now, will look at this later. “Tablet off.”